These winter months seem long, dark and cold. Sometimes it seems we go without sun for days. You either embrace the winter and try to enjoy this season or you just stick it out hybernating inside. On the positive side, it’s nice to know it gets a little lighter each day as we patiently wait for the spring to arrive.

But the snow and cold temps didn’t get our guide dog puppy down. Having a dog still means getting out for walks no matter the weather.  It’s not the snow that will stop our walks but the bitter cold that affect a dog’s paws. On a number of occasions, Keller would lift her paws on her walks. But thanks to  a special delivery from CNIB, Keller was outfitted with snazzy blue rubber booties. These made a bold fashion statement, but took a few tries to get used to.

But despite her strange dance after we put them on, she was able to go on her walks with comfort and didn’t have the salt and bitter cold snow in her paws.  Sometimes you just have to choose function over fashion. (Although I tried to explain that to my kids…they still refused to walk her in her boots).

    As we head into the final few months with Keller, I’ve tried to take her to some new places. I thought going to a hair salon would be good idea as I’m sure her handler might take her to one. There were lots of new smells, lots of different sounds and new people to meet.  

Keller was fascinated with my stylist’s hair dryer.I thought she would be frightened by the loud noise but she was more interested in catching the air! Once Keller was familiar with her surroundings, she did her usual snooze until it was time to go.
  We revisited my dentist this month. I’m not sure she would remember going there when she was so young. There were lots of different noises, smells and bright lights, but Keller was so calm and very well behaved. I had removed her jacket so some of the staff could interact with her.
Keller posed for a photo with Dr. Randy Barbuio and his staff Sonia and Sara. They were so accomodating to Keller.
  Keller headed on lots of other little trips as well.  Here favourite outings were always with her brother Uly.  This is never work to them because they know there will be a good play somewhere during their visit.
And finally, as good as Keller is for a puppy, we still have the odd moment when she pushes her limits. I posted a pic in an earlier blog of Keller waiting for the bus knowing Emma was coming home from school. I turned around another afternoon knowing the bus was stopping…Keller felt she needed a closer look, even though she knew furniture is not allowed!