Your headshot speaks volumes…what does yours say?

Meet Sam…a very successful realtor from the Vaughan area. He’s as nice as nice can be and very good at his job. I know this because Sam helped us buy our home 21 years ago. Recently he came to me to update his headshot. It was time to get some new looks to update his website and social profiles as well as new business cards.

We chatted about the look he was going after and discussed some clothing options. Sam brought two suits he really liked and we took photos with each look. Places where he might use these photos are his website, his LinkedIn profile, his social media pages and business cards. As a broker in the real estate market, Sam needs printed brochures and newsletters as well. He now has a variety of photos to choose from to suit the look he wants.

You only get one chance to make a first impression…Make it a good one!

How old is your headshot? I see people using 20 year old photos who cringe at the thought of having their photo taken. The experience should be enjoyable with lots of information on how to prepare, what to wear and lots of coaching on posing. In this digital world, your headshot might be your first introduction to your potential employer or client. Consider it your digital handshake. Let’s make it a strong one!