Early morning walk.

“A dog might destroy your shoes, but will never break your heart”.  Oh how true this is.  For those people who have never known the love of a dog, just know that it is the purest form of unconditional love that can turn a bad day good again with one lick to your face.  But also don’t discount the damage an unattended puppy can do to your home.  Our beautiful young guide dog  puppy has decided to venture out to see what she can find to chew, to eat, to drag or just rip apart.  All in the name of fun and games…and attention.

Don’t be fooled by those soulful eyes, and cuddly temperament.  Do not trust a 4 month old puppy to respect your home while you try to do other things.  Like having young kids…when they are suddenly very quiet….there is trouble brewing.  Keller and I have had a nice routine up to now.  She is up by 6:30, we go outside, she eats, we play a little and then she would nap.  I would then get to work.  But a 4 month old has other things on that curious mind.  She still does all of those things…except nap.  Now the early morning is spent removing items from her mouth, making sure she can’t pull something down from the counter (this is especially critical with the stove!) and hiding all free standing objects.  This is when Keller turns into trouble.  No hanging dish towel, napkin, tv remote, cell phone, folded laundry, shoe or recycling bin item is left untouched by this pup.  The second my back is turned she has found something else she can run away with.  Each day as I remove her favourite items, she finds something new to grab.    Toilet tissue is big right now! 

Black lab puppy running with toilet tissue.

Can you spare a square?


But taking her on her morning walk and a more vigorous play helps keep her energy in check.  We are now working on her not pulling on her leash, and walking nicely.  This is a mentally challenging task so once we get through that routine, Keller is a much more calm puppy. Napping is sure to happen after that.

On the other hand, Keller already makes us so proud.  Her calm temperament and great behaviour really show as I take her to new places.  Even though everything is a new adventure to someone only 4 months old, we are so pleasantly surprised at how well Keller will settle in many situations.

Keller waits as I donate blood.

Keller assists a nurse.

I put her to the test as Angelo and I donated blood in our local community centre.  I really wasn’t sure how it would go as I couldn’t get up to chase her.  But she was amazing!  All the nurses were so supportive and friendly with her.  She sat quietly the entire time just watching all the people coming and going.  It was another proud moment for this Foster Momma.

Mealtimes for Keller can not come soon enough.  Like a true lab, Keller behaves as if she has not been fed in a week.  She is still fed 3 times a day so it’s not like she has to wait that many hours until her next meal. But I can always tell when it is getting close to feeding time, as Keller  sits and stares at her bowl. You can usually find her sitting on the mat, right by her bowl.  There’s no calling her twice for dinner!



And what is a week with Keller without a few photo ops.  We headed out one early morning for a walk in the park.  I thought I’d try to capture her in her spiffy jacket.  As I’ve said before, a black dog is normally hard to photograph, but one with a bright yellow accessory looks smashing in front of my lens.

Happy Birthday to Canada!  As the country celebrated 150 years, Keller celebrated her first Canada Day.  Although she was born in Australia, she’s an all-Canadian pup now.  

black lab puppy wearing Canada bandana

Keller is all dressed and ready to go on Canada Day.

And finally, a shot of Keller’s favourite activity after a hard day’s work.  She loves her sunbeam on the deck.