two girls sleeping with black lab

“Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.” Helen Keller


As we head into the final few hours of 2017, we can reflect on this marvelous year.  There are always the highs, the lows, the new and exciting and of course letting go of the regrets.  There is noquestion, the highlight of my family’s year would be allowing this adorable black furry pup come into our family.  We never expected or prepared for this adventure but these last 8 month filled with so much joy having Keller around.  There were the not so fun moments as well but her lovely spirit and fun nature couldn’t help you smile despite a chewed shoe.

Keller has adapted so well to our family and daily routine.  This was one of those moments I couldn’t help but capture (she is not allowed to jump up on furniture or people but I thought this showed her sweet loyal nature).  Keller knows the afternoon buses mean Emma will be walking through the door soon, so here she is waiting for Emma to arrive.

black lab looking out the window

Keller became a calendar girl this year! 

black lab in calendar

Keller’s latest adventures included riding the subway with her best buddie Ulysses. 

black lab in yellow vest on subway platform

yellow lab sitting on subway

black lab and yellow lab sitting on subway train

black lab and yellow lab nose to nose

There were lots of Christmas activities this past month so it was a great opportunity to include Keller in some of the festivities.  Schomberg hosted their annual Main Street Christmas including a parade.  We thought it would be good for Keller to experience the noise and crowds of people at something like this so we brought her along.  She was quite fascinated with all the activity.  

black lab in yellow vest watching parade

black lab wataching parade

black lab curious about ponies in parade

black lab watching parade

This year our traditional holiday cards had to include Keller.  

3 sisters posing with black lab

Of course how could we not capture Keller and Uly in their own holiday card.

black and yellow labs sitting in front of Christmas tree

black and yellow labs looking at Christmas tree

As we enter 2018, we work a little harder at preparing Keller for her important role of being a guide dog.  We work hard at teaching her good manners and following commands.  Keller is now 10 months old and if not full grown in size, very close to it.  She still has her puppy spirit and challenges us with her boundaries but listens well and settles so well in public.  The next 3-5 months will go fast for us as we prepare ourselves to let her go and know we had a role in her becoming a very special part of someone’s life.

Happy New Year and may you be blessed with joy and happiness and for some of us the warm snuggle of a furry friend (and a little dog hair on our clothes).

black lab