Discovery Through Portraits

How do you feel about having your portrait taken? That’s to say you’ve even had a professional portrait. Apart from the typical headshot, your wedding album or some family photos as your kids were growing up, most people don’t ever think to invest in themselves with beautiful photos.

Photos provide us with that captured moment in time…a great memory, an event or even a quick pic of some detail we don’t feel like writing down. What would our lives be without photos? But not all photos are great portraits. They’re fun, easy and cheap. Taking a great portrait is something much more involved.

Do you like yourself in photos or do you dread the thought of having a photo taken…”I never look good in photos, I don’t know what to where, it costs too much, why do I need photos of myself”…the excuses are endless. These are deep seated reasons people don’t even consider booking a session with a photographer. But what if it was a great experience…maybe you learned to love yourself just a little more as you found a wonderful photographer that made the whole experience easy and fun…that brought out your true self and beauty?

Take my beautiful model Deby who was one of my early 40 Over 40 Campaign models. I watched her transform into this radiant, confident and beautiful women in front of my camera. Her sparkle just kept getting brighter the more I photographed her. I could see this session was very important to her to really feel beautiful and celebrate herself as a women in her 40’s.

Deby was amazing in her session! I could feel her comfort level growing as I moved her from pose to pose. And when we brought in her hubby for some extra special portraits I knew I was capturing some special memories for the two of them.

Do this for you.

One thing that’s so important is to find a photographer you connect with. If you don’t have that trust you will never relax and feel comfortable. But when you do, the magic happens. You will leave your session with the feeling you didn’t know it would be that fun…and didn’t think you could feel that beautiful….like a model. But most important you didn’t realize how worthy and deserving you were of beautiful portraits of yourself. Spoil yourself…you’re so worth it!