Woman in light blue jacket smiling


The answer can be different for everyone, but the recommendation is every 2 years. Are you still using that selfie you took years ago but you really like the photo so just don’t update it? Are you hanging on to the more youthful you and don’t want to face facts that a 10 year old headshot might not reflect you now? Do you just hate the whole headshot process and avoid thinking about it? I know how you feel!

Woman in light blue suit jacket leaning on wall smiling

But just know this…a freshly updated (professionally) taken photo will show you and your brand in the best light…literally.

Lighting is key to good photos and without good light, you will never look your best. Then there is using good angles and proper posing techniques so you will feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera.

Combine all that with good wardrobe coaching, some makeup and hair artistry and you have the makings of a scroll stopping photo!

woman in light blue pant suit leaning on table

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