There is no question that our pets are important to us.  They are a member of the family with full distinction.  We feed, exercise, cuddle, swoon, regular check-ups and needles, even fashionably dress in some cases.  We even spend big money on professional portraits.  But what happens when baby arrives on the scene?  Or do you wait…babies first…pets later?   I know in my household, we waited until our girls were 5, 7 and 10.  Then we felt there could be some responsibility as well as some rules with our new puppy.  

But how does your pet feel when they have been the star attraction up until the moment mom and dad bring baby home.  Now they have this little human who everyone is fussing all over especially when they cry. Now I can only speak for dogs, so the cat owners out there will have their own stories to tell. We know our dogs love us unconditionally, so they will have no choice but to accept the newest addition, and in time I’m sure they all do.  There are the cutest photos and videos out there now of babies and their beloved pets.  In my house, our black lab pup was dressed up, walked in a stroller, made to play all kinds of games but the more attention the better.  The truth really didn’t come out until we sadly lost our dear Roxy this past November suddenly due to a spleenic hemeosarcomo.  It was then to help with her passing that we went through all the albums for photos, pulled out hidden video footage that my girls were killing themselves with laughter at the things they would do (unbeknownst to me – spraying her with whipped cream for one)

So when a client asks me to bring their dog for a photo session,  I welcome the entire family with open arms.  To exclude your dog (I haven’t had any requests for cats yet though) is like excluding a brother or sister.  It’s just not right.  Even more fun is when I am brought puppies to do newborn photos of.

This lovely family brought their adorable  schnauzer to the newborn session for their new baby girl.  Both were so well behaved, we had such a great session and lots of great photos!

newborn girl posed in bucket gets kiss from pet dog

baby girl sleeping with schnauzer

baby girl 7 days old sleeping