black lab puppy sitting

9 week old Keller

There have been some big adjustments for this new pup since leaving her comfy home and the security of her momma in Brisbane, Australia 2 weeks ago.  She has had to adjust to travel by plane and by car, to moving from one home that didn’t work out to another, all in a few days.  So it is absolutely amazing  how quickly Keller started to settle in to a whole new world of smells and people.  I would say it only took a few days before we could really see her relax and start to feel comfortable.  But despite having all these stresses to deal with, Keller has been such a happy little puppy.  The only bumps in the road were a few digestive issues that a trip to the vet cleared right up.  Even her sleeping through the night has been better once the tummy troubles were gone.  Now if we could just get the bathroom routine down…well life with a puppy would be good.  We’re almost there.

black lab puppy under table

Keller’s favourite spot

Like all babies, Keller needs and loves her naps.  She is the craziest sleeper!!  She moves from one position to another all in a matter of minutes.  A couple of times I thought I lost her only to find her in a quiet corner or behind a sofa. 

lab puppy moving in her sleep

Trying to find a comfortable position.

So Keller’s second week went well.  She was still learning the routine, had a vet visit and lots of cuddles from everyone here.  She even had a playdate with her brother Ulysses who’s living down the road.  (Uly is another CNIB Guide Dog in training with a big future ahead of him as well.) 

2 lab pups standing up on log


yellow lab puppy under tree


black and yellow lab pups playing


And finally for the week, Keller had her first trip to visit family  for Mother’s Day, which required a car ride. It was a little bit of a struggle to keep her in her assigned “seat” in the car but everything takes practice.  She’s a great traveller so far so I look forward to more outings with this cutie.  Just look at that face!  (I will not get attached, I will not get attached, I will not get attached…)

black lab puppy looking up


Read about Keller’s photo shoot in my next installment.  This of course is not the norm for a guide dog puppy, but when one comes to live at a newborn photographer’s studio, an impromptu session of a sleeping puppy is a must.