Unless you’re a model or a politician, you might not be the most comfortable having your photo taken. Headshots that look professional and authentic with a relaxed natural expression are key to an effective business portrait. But how do you get that when you’re a little nervous walking into your headshot photographer’s studio? Here are a few ideas to help with the butterflies.

1) Get To Know Your Photographer

Pre-session consultations are so important so you and the photographer get to know each other.That can be in person or even over the phone, but a good conversation is necessary! Make sure you explain your concerns about having your photo taken as well as your goals for the session. It’s a team effort!

2. Preparation

You need to be well informed about the process and know how to prepare for your session. You should have a good idea how the session will run, what outfits you’re going to wear and even how long it will take. The more prepared you are, the more comfortable you will be.


3) Look Your Best

First off there should be a consultation on your wardrobe, so you’re wearing the best outfits that will elevate your brand as well as photograph well. Professional hair and makeup for women can be that extra step to look your best. Does your photographer have a hair and makeup team on site? This can help you feel very polished and confident before you even step in front of the camera.

4) Coaching on Posing

This is one of the biggest concerns I hear…people don’t know what to do…nor should they. That’s the photog’s job to confidently put you into poses that show you in the best light! You need to trust your photographer on this one. I’ll warn you though…the pose might not feel very natural, but the end result is to make you look amazing!

5) Relax

Having your headshot taken is not as bad a many other things we have to do in life. Some would argue public speaking or going to the dentist might top the list of things that make us nervous. Your photographer should be taking lots of variety of shots and walking you through everything. Hopefully the studio has your favourite music playing so you can get into your groove.

It’s important for you to do your homework to find a photographer who’s work you like and has great reviews…again it’s all about connection and trust.

 Is it time to book your headshot session?