Baby A

What a fun session I had with this adorable family. They had been referred from another client who had also been in recently for newborn photos. This amazing family drove over an hour to come for a session. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate clients like this.

This family had a couple of special requests which I was happy to accommodate. First off, dad was a drummer so could I pose their baby boy inside the drum? This was a first for me but the shot turned out great! Secondly, they really wanted to bring their pet dog for a few shots if possible. Anyone who has seen my work, knows how I love to include our beloved pets into photos. They are members of the family and clients love when they can be in the photos


At 11 days old, this little guy was so amazing to work with, as was his 7 year old fur “sister”. We started out with the special drum photo and then moved on to doing all the newborn poses. When I work with a sibling or pet, my workflow is to pose the baby first and then bring in the sibling or in this case pet dog.We were able to capture some adorable moments with Penny the golden retriever.



After doing all the baby poses, we moved onto the parent shots which were so sweet.