Let’s honour our seniors with beautiful portraits.

Meet my mom Lorraine, who at 81 years old came to my studio for photos. Lorraine was one of the beautiful participants in my 40 Over 40 Campaign after she said to me she wanted to have some nice photos…to be used for…you know. ..when the time comes. This isn’t the first time I’ve been asked to do “forever photos” for clients. We don’t like to think about those photos until we really have to but why not think about these things now rather than leaving them up to someone else to make that decision for you.

I’ve taken some fun photos with my mom and girls over the years but these were to be official studio portraits. I wanted mom to have the entire portrait experience with hair and makeup so she could feel pampered…and really special. She was able to be a glamour girl like all the other 40 Over 40 models.

We had such a fun time as Lorraine changed into a few different outfits and later even dipped into the studio closet. Mom was a fabulous model as we worked through the different poses and backdrops.

Legacy portraits are wonderful keepsakes for not only the client but the family as well. These sessions can also include family members for that special family portrait.

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