Our first full month of summer has flown by, and now we are well into August. Thoughts are reluctantly turning to back-to-school, as we try to hold onto summer as long as we can.  This summer has been so much fun watching Keller grow and try new things. Keller is 5 1/2 months old now and weighs 35 lbs.  One thing that hasn’t changed is her morning wake-up call between 6-6:30am. I guess some things don’t change.

But we still go for our walk (now that my street is finally paved), do some morning obedience training and then it’s nap time (for Keller…not me).  

Keller has had a few new places she’s travelled to. We were at the airport back in the spring, picking up Holly and her friend. Keller did really well.  She did not seem too bothered by all the noise or people.  Even all the luggages rolling by her didn’t seem to cause her any concern.   Her biggest issue.. the slippery tile floor. She found it was just easier to lay down and sleep rather than watch the crowds.

We had another puppy class where Keller got to see all her puppy friends again.  Piper is always a favourite as well as one of the new puppies, Maple.  We also learned how to check for ticks on our puppies.  


One thing we discovered this summer, was Keller’s love of water. I don’t mean swimming as you might expect…but water from the hose! It became a battle to water my garden, as Keller found great fun jumping into the water spray. It turned into quite the game. Here is Keller in fine form trying to get a drink from the hose.


My girls all have spring/summer birthdays.  This year Keller was front and center for all the photos.  You can see how much she has grown from Jaime’s birthday in May to  Holly and Emma’s July celebrations.

And finally, here’s Keller’s version of helping me sort the laundry. Why waste a chance to nap.