Boy time flies when your having fun…or I’m just running out of time each day. I’m not sure where the time goes but one thing for sure is that Keller is growing before my eyes. I swear I wake up in the morning and she is an inch taller.  But making the time to blog has been tough so I am a little behind. This week I will try to catch you up on our travels.  

A few weeks ago (yes I am behind), Keller had her first check-up with her vet and received her 12 week vaccinations.  She was 21 lbs and very healthy.  She was so good on the table with the vet and didn’t even flinch when she received her needles.  We will be back in a few weeks for her 16 week vaccinations.

black lab sitting

Keller waits for her turn at the Nobleton Vet.

Keller has her checkup.

Keller getting check up by Dr. Wicki-Nadler.

Keller’s other big adventure was going to visit the hospital in Burlington. Nothing serious. I was going to pick up my brother from some surgery, so I thought it would be a great experience to bring Keller in as well.  I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how far we would get or how she would be received in a hospital setting but I was pleasantly surprised!  We waited in the lobby for most of our time there (close to the doors for  quick bathroom breaks)  What a celebrity she was!  Staff, volunteers, patients and other visitors all came to see this special pup.  I am so amazed at the respect people have for her jacket as everyone  asked first if they were allowed to pet her.  But my real surprise was the permission I was given to take her into a recovery area where patients were waiting to be discharged from their day surgery.

Keller was welcomed with open arms into this area.  I’ll be honest…I was terrified of her having an accident…even though I had her handy travel bag!  It just wouldn’t go well in a  hospital with patients hooked up to IV’s and many with sterile bandages.  I decided to carry her throughout the ward. 

black lab laying on patient's lap in hospital

Keller relaxes with a patient

So cozy.

After finding my brother, Keller settled in on his lap like she was right at home.  To my surprise, the nurse went about her work changing bandages without much care that a dog was in the bed.  Keller was so calm and relaxed.  

On our way out, I had a mom stop me to see if I would come and visit a 9 year old little girl who just had her tonsils out.  Keller again settled into her bed spreading some love and affection to this young patient.  (I wish I took a picture but didn’t want to leave Keller alone with her while I fiddled with my phone)  So this was a great day for Keller and let me tell you how tired she was after getting home.  It is tough work being a superstar and greeting your fans all day.

Back at home, Keller still has such funny moments.  It seems to be a love/hate relationship with the stairs.  Sometimes she tackles them with not a care in the world, while other times she gets stuck and whimpers for help.

black lab puppy sitting on stairs.

Hmm…not sure what to do.

Keller is still so mischievous!  Her favourite game is to steal shoes for fun.  I guess those shoe laces make a great chew toy.

Black lab puppy running with shoe

It’s all fun and games until someone loses a shoe.

I’m always looking for new photo ops with Keller.  It’s not the easiest to photograph a black dog, so when the lighting works I grab my camera.  This was a late evening shot on our deck.  

black lab puppy on deck

Posing pretty.

And finally for this week, one of my favourite shots of Keller.  We are all suckers for this face.  It won’t be long before she is too heavy to pick up, but for now we are loving the cuddles while we can get still  get them.  


black lab puppy cuddling in girls arms

Look at that face!

NEXT: Keller checks out university.