Black lab sitting in dentist chair

Keller goes to the dentist.

So much to do…so little time.  Everything is an adventure when you’re only little.  New sounds, new sights and lots of new experiences.  Taking our little puppies to new places is so much fun.  We get to expose them to new places and lots of people.  The opportunities are endless.  The past week or so has been exciting for Keller as she has been to the dentist, the grocery store a few times, to Costco of course and to visit more family..all behaving so perfectly!!  

Before we head out, I pack her bags with all the essentials.  The…”never leave home without it” list of paper towels, cleaner, poop bags, her CNIB jacket of course and then Keller’s favourite…kibble.  This bag goes EVERYWHERE with me.  And I’m happy to report there has only been an occasional minor accident.  The pee incident in Costco had people calling for mops, but unbeknownst to them, I had that floor wiped, cleaned and smelling fresh before you could say CNIB guide dog puppy 5 times.

My girls and I were due for our check up with the dentist.  Still new to this, I brought Keller along of course knowing there would be many hands to take her outside for bathroom breaks.  Bringing her into a professional office with a waiting room and lots of people would be a good experience I hoped.  

There is one thing that is guaranteed with fostering these puppies…they are rock stars wherever you go!  Within a few minutes of arriving, we had the office stopped as staff from the dentist office and adjoining optometrist office all gathered around fussing over this cute pup.  The cell phones were out for photos and there was no shortage of love over my little Keller.  (I’m not sure if the people in the waiting room were aware why their appointments might have been a few minutes delayed).  But honestly, who can refuse snuggling with a cute puppy right? But a cute puppy in a special jacket results in lots of extra questions and explanations.  I’m trying to keep my CNIB guide dog puppy spiel down to a few minutes but it can go much longer with certain questions.

All in all, Keller was such a trooper, taking in all the accolades and flashes from cameras.  She was special enough that our dentist even took her outside while his hygienist cleaned my teeth.  Once the excitement died down, Keller did what she’s very good at…had a nap.  

black lab puppy sleeping on floor

Keller catches a nap at the dentist.

So the dentist was just one of the exciting places for Keller.  Here are a few photos from her other adventures.


Keller goes to the grocery store.


Keller decides she wants to go to a different aisle.


Keller visits more family and feels the love from Nonno.


Keller does what she does best..naps.


NEXT:  Keller does some medical stops.