Keller’s latest adventure was a trip to Toronto to visit Glendon College.  My daughter, who will be attending this campus in September, had a meeting one afternoon so off we went.  I thought I would use the opportunity to get some great photos of Keller around the campus as well as do some sidewalk work with her.  But like so many days this spring, it was raining.  So, we were stuck either waiting in the car or inside the buildings.  Always wanting to expose Keller to new things, I dragged her and my nephew, who was visiting us from Wisconsin, inside.  

This would also be a test of how well Keller was learning her commands.  Let’s see if she would sit and stay on command as I would try to grab a shot of her.  My warning to others…do not attempt this with a hungry dog.  Keller not only refused to stay in position, she was quite vocal about it!  This was a building with tall ceilings and good acoustics.  Needless to say, her bark echoed throughout the halls!.  As my poor nephew high tailed it to the car (in embarrassment), I quickly followed to feed this girl.  Perhaps a full tummy would improve her mood.  As my daughter told me later, everyone in the meeting could hear Keller barking. Fortunately, most classes were finished for the summer so I don’t think anyone was too concerned.

After her lunch, and a nice walk in the rain,  Keller and I headed back in…alone (my nephew decided waiting in the car was a better option.) But this time, Keller was very responsive and listened extremely well.  She does not follow all the commands yet, but “sit” and “stay” seemed to work well.  I was missing my assistant, but was still able to get Keller to sit, and then run back to take the photo.  







In all my excitement about getting all these great shots of Keller, I lost track of time.  I suddenly received a text, saying the parking attendent had just left a ticket on my windshield!  Keller now got some running in as we raced back to the car to deal with my ticket.  At least the rain had stopped!  Once the ticket issue was resolved,  Keller had a little fun exploring.  Fortunately, Keller is on her leash at all times, as a mother raccoon was wandering around with her 3 babies!

The afternoon was a long one, but a great one for Keller.  She went somewhere new, practiced some obedience training and got some playtime on the grounds.  She’s become very comfortable riding in the car so it was lights out for the long ride home.

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