“My sunshine does not come from the skies, it comes from the love that’s in my dog’s eyes”.


September has arrived. Sadly, we see the days are getting shorter and the nights are cooler. The kids have headed back to school. But fall is such a beautiful time of year here that I am so happy to welcome my favourite season. Our beautiful foster puppy Keller is 6 months old and 40.5 lbs now. Keller has outgrown her adorable little Future Guide Dog jacket and has now grown into a much larger version. She is obviously bigger, much taller and has lost that cute little puppy face. But you can’t take that puppy attitude and playfulness out of her yet. Even though she has settled down a little now, she still has lots of energy and loves to play. She rarely nips at your hands and arms now, nor has accidents in the house (except when we’re not paying attention). She loves car rides, to go for walks, her squeaky toys and to play frisbee in the backyard.  Her favourite playmate is still her brother Uly who lives down the street.

We’ve been making trips to the grocery store, the mall and a local outdoor patio for dinner a few times this summer. Keller has been awesome each time.  Getting her to sit in a restaurant takes a little more work, but bringing her a toy to chew on helps. Our local Schomberg Pub has been so welcoming to Keller, that they bring her a bowl of water before we even get served!  She gets such special treatment.

Since I did a puppy shoot with Keller at 9 weeks, I thought I’d take a few shots of her again since she is getting closer to her full grown size.  Also September is National Guide Dog month where we celebrate these highly skilled dogs that provide mobility, independence and confidence to people who are blind or partially sighted.  

black lab wearing yellow Future guide dog jacket

black lab lying on purple backdrop
black lab wearing yellow jacket

My daughter Emma helped me with these photos. Getting a dog to be patient and stay still to have their photo taken isn’t always the easiest.  It’s amazing what a dab of peanut butter will do to get a shot.  

black lab kissing girl holding sunflower

After a few shots, Keller found a quiet moment to take a snooze.  It’s hard work being a canine supermodel.

black lab sleeping


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