We are now in January of the new year, the coldest, darkest and sometimes snowiest month of the year. We miss those warm sunny days of summer and dream of jet setting off to a Caribbean island with crystal blue water and sandy beaches.

This month can feel so long after the hectic but fun filled holidays we have just finished. But here we are…new year and fresh new page. The good news(or bad depending on how you view things) …spring is only two months away.

Spring means longer sunny days, Easter  and if you are Catholic, it means the spring Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation.



This sacrament is the third of seven sacraments where the candidate recives the Holy Eucharist. This rite happens in Grade 2 where students learn prayers, take classes and attend Mass on a regular basis. The sacrament only happens if the child has been baptised first and has celebrated their First Reconciliation (Confession). They then go on to receive a consecrated host which represents the body Christ.



The Sacrament of Confimation is the sealing of the Holy Spirit in the confirmand’s Christian life. It is also one of the third sacraments of initiation into the Catholic Church. The word Confirmation means strengthening or deepening one’s relation with God. You are annointed with oil of Chrism which is a consecrated oil by the Bishop.


First Communion or Confirmation portraits are usually done in studio since we are in our colder winter months. If the sacrament is later in the spring, we can sometimes go outside and do some beautiful photos in a park or location of your choice.

 We keep rosaries and prayer books stocked for your use. The session usually lasts an hour and we can do traditional as well as contemporary posing. 



This is the perfect time to have beautiful portraits done of your child at this very special time. The studio can create custom invitation or thank you cards with your images. We do beautiful wall portraits and canvases or albums. Don’t leave these photos up to your cell phone. Professional portraits with archival quality will last a lifetime. 

Please enquire about booking a session at (416)200-5786 or at

 We hope to see you!