A couple cuddling on a couch.

Flattening the curve. It’s the latest hot topic these days. Otherwise known as “staying home” and “social distancing”. We never heard of these terms before but now they are just a natural part of our everyday vocabulary. What other topic is there to speak about it seems other than COVID19. We are living through a pandemic that most of us never could have imagined.

Young woman sitting on sofa

In one month our lives have drastically changed. Many of us are out of work, hopefully only temporarily, but time will tell. Our kids are out of school and trying to continue their studies on-line as parents try their hands at home schooling. Businesses deemed non-essential have closed their doors and those that are open have implemented safe shopping practices. We are told to self-isolate in our homes with our immediate families only and not to go out unless absolutely necessary. We honour and support our newest heroes…the health care workers working tirelessly day and night. But let us not forget all those others who are working frontlines keeping us fed and safe.

hands on piano keyboard


But most of all we just want to know when things will get back to normal. When can we see our family and friends and just give them a giant hug. As a photographer who cannot hold any sessions, I have a unique opportunity to document these isolating family times not through my beloved DSLR but through the magic of FaceTime. Who ever would have thought you could take family portraits through virtual technology. But when times are tough you resort to drastic measures.

a couple playing a video game using controllers

I have been holding FaceTime calls with my subjects and spend some time learning the light in their homes and directing them into some basic poses. Then when I’m ready, I get to take the photo from my end. I think the results are a fun, light hearted way to document the times. It’s keeping me happy until we can all get back to some kind of normal life.

black and white photo young man sitting on table


a couple sitting by window playing chess
couple on couch reading a book
couple goofing around on couch
black & white photo of young coupe sitting in front of a window

Let’s remember these moments one FaceTime portrait at a time! Keep healthy and safe!

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