Ahh…the joy of the summer months. Hot and dry, sunshine for hours, the time to sit back and relax. The summer also means vacation.  Many head up to their cottages, while others might just hit the beach.  Whatever your relaxation of choice is, the summer is to be enjoyed because we know one thing for sure..it’s short.

Last week, our family headed up to Sauble Beach for our annual summer vacation.  This is one of our favourite times where all the family comes together to enjoy a week at a cottage.  The last three years we have loved the beautiful beach and sunsets of Sauble off the shores of Lake Huron.  If you’re into sunsets, this is the place to be.  Crowds gather each evening waiting with cameras in hand to capture the stunning colours of the sun’s descent.

This year we had the added  fun of bringing Keller, who at 4 1/2 months, had never been at a beach or experienced water before.  This would be another exciting experience for her. We were blessed with a beautiful week of sunshine so were able to enjoy this beautiful beach.  Dogs are usually not permitted on this beach but Keller was granted special permission as a guide dog in training.  

Without her jacket, she would not have been allowed. But she had to wear it everywhere…even swimming.

We know that labs are one breed of dogs who love to swim…but is it instinctive or do they have to be taught?  That was the question of the day as we brought Keller to the rolling waves each day.  The answer…both really.   Keller initially went under the water but after a few tries she instinctively perfected her dog paddle.

But with lots of encouragement and patience, Keller eventually got the hang of it. And with the magic of GoPro’s, here she is in fine dog paddle form…jacket as well.

When we weren’t at the beach, you could find us walking downtown, shopping or playing a little mini-putt.


I had the opportunity to have some photos taken of Keller by my sister who is a pet photographer in Kenosha Wisconsin Shadowdog Photography. Keller is kind of a pro these days at posing.



And of course, what would a post be about Keller if I didn’t include a pic of her snoozing.  Here she is after an exhausting day at the beach!


Dog tired.

For this summer, the memories will be of our family time at the cottage, the great sunsets at Sauble, and of course, our special guest Keller.