This spring has been so rainy and wet this year, so taking a puppy outdoors has been limited except for the usual bathroom breaks.  But on this Saturday, the weather was beautiful and sunny.  It was perfect to take Keller outdoors for some new adventures.  My daughter Jaime is a rider at Ridgewood Farm, who can’t get enough of horses, barns and all things related.  So we decided to head out with Keller and watch Jaime ride.  The air was warm, the smell was fresh and the dandelions were in full bloom.  

CNIB Guide dog puppy visits a farm

Because Keller has not had all her vaccinations, we have to be careful where she goes right now.  So we were a little cautious on a farm, and mostly carried this pup in areas that might be risky.   The places to run and exlore on a farm are endless for a dog, but this trip was rather limited.  Just exposing Keller to new things was the goal today.

girl jumping a fence on horse

CNIB guide dog watching horses

cnib guide dog watching horses

cnib guide dog puppy at stable

cnib guide dog

CNIB guide dog sitting in grass

CNIB guide dog in grass

After Jaime’s lesson was done, we headed into the barn to get up close and personal with the horse Bella, who Jaime rides.  This 19 lb puppy went nose to nose with the 1000 lb mare, both animals so curious with each other.

CNIB guide dog meets horse

Before we left the barn, we had to do one last photo op.  Keller sat so nicely as I managed a quick shot of her tiny frame in this large facility.

CNIB guide dog puppy in stable

So the day was a great one for Keller.  It was a new and exciting experience for this CNIB guide dog puppy.  It will be one of many new adventures for her.

NEXT: Keller meets all the CNIB guide dog puppies in her first puppy class.