This spring continued to be baby girl season! Her momma loved the pinks and pretty colours so Baby G got the princess in pink treatment. I just love pink so I’m more than happy to oblige when using this colour. I keep lots of shades of pink, peach an coral stocked in my studio. I always chat with mom before our session to discuss nursery colours, the home colour tones to match one that will complement your home. But regardless of the colour accent, I will always use white as well.  This just gives a simple clean look to these precious newborns. Baby G was such a delight to photograph! Her momma is an amazing cake baker so I’m sure whe will get the royal treatment come her birthdays.

Precious newborn photography of baby girl wrapped in white wrap with eyes open looking at camera beautiful newborn photography of tiny baby girl wrapped up in white with a big yawn striking newborn photography of sleeping baby girl on fuzzu carpet Precious baby photo of sleeping baby girl swaddled in pink wrap with pretty headband fine art photographer of sleeping baby on her side with hands next to cheeks