pregnant woman holding ultrasound photo of baby against bare belly

Woohoo!  You’re pregnant!  You and hubby are beside yourself in joy.  You begin the months of visits to the OB, the slow weight gain, and that anticipation of hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time.  You start to gather nursery ideas from Pinterest, and try to guess  whether your gender reveal will show pink or blue. You break the news to your family and friends and the questions begin…do you have any names picked out yet??

How did you choose your baby’s name? Did you go for the unique and unusual? The classic strong name? Did you follow family tradition? This is a decision not to be taken lightly as we are gifted our name(s) for life. 

Let’s look at all the things to consider when choosing your baby’s name:

• Spelling – will your child have to always spell their name for people? Will it be spelled incorrectly their entire life and your child stop bothering to correct the misspelling?  (Do you care if you won’t be able to find a souvenir with their name on it?)

• Pronunciation – Will people pronounce the name correctly or will your child learn to live with mispronuciation their entire life? Will people shorten the name and if so…do you like that nickname?  Does the first name flow with your last name?

• Perception – Does a name define your child? Do some names bring about certain perceptions in people…a strong charasmatic name or a more “artsy” name? 


woman in white holding pregnant belly


Having had to decide on a name three times, I remember we wanted names somewhat common but not where there would be 3 others in the classroom. This worked perfect for Holly and Jaime but not for Emma. (I blame this on Rachel from Friends who named her baby Emma right after my Emma was born) We wanted a 2 syllable name to complement the name Pace. We wanted something easy to spell… although I went for the unique french spelling when I chose Jaime. It gets spelled incorrectly all the time.  You will think this is crazy, but one of the deciding factors when picking my daughters’ names was how the first letter looked in cursive.  I know beautiful handwriting is becoming a thing of the past, but I just love seeing beautiful letters in script. 

But whatever you decide, your child will grow into his/her name and you cannot imagine them being called anything else. Chances are, if your kids are anything like mine, they will not like their names growing up and wish you called them some other exotic name.  But down the road you hope they will be proud of who they are and love the name you picked for them. Let me know how you chose your baby names.

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