Aging gracefully…is this possible? I’m sure it is but what does this really mean? We’ve all heard that very familiar “compliment”…”she looks good…for her age” What does that mean????!! No! She just looks good…period.

I set out in Jan 2022 to find 40 women who wanted to celebrate their age and everything that comes with it. Those wrinkles, laugh lines, extra few pounds and all those grey hairs. This was not a time to sit back and hide behind the camera. The time was right to show off those years of wisdom!

My 40 Over 40 Campaign was a smashing success. I photographed the most incredible women who were honest and open with their reasons for participating in this luxury experience. Some were celebrating a milestone birthday, some were celebrating overcoming a health crisis, some had lost weight and turned their life around. Some said…just because! That’s all I wanted. Just because…because you’re awesome just the way you are. No other reason necessary.

My beautiful model Jody explained to me she had lost 100 pounds! She wanted to celebrate by participating in this incredible experience because she was not only half her size but she was healthy and happy. Jody was also turning 60 in the next year and wanted some incredible photos for her party!

Nothing makes me happier than watching my clients come alive during their photo shoot. Jody had this confidence about her that brought out a sparkle in her eyes. Her beauty was radiant and she rocked all her poses!

Celebrate yourself with an empowering photo experience.

You won’t regret it!

The 50+and Fabulous Campaign is now in full swing! Learn more about it and book your session HERE.